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Tyler Washington is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Ty is passionate about fitness and empowering people to find their inner strength so they can reach their goals and feel good while doing it. 


Tyler holds a B.A. in Psychology and believes exercising is not only important for your body, but also your mind. She believes you should have fun while progressing to the best and strongest version of yourself.

She understands that everyone is different and has their own needs so matter where you are in your fitness journey Ty will create a program to suit your needs with your fitness level and individual goals in mind. She loves teaching new exercises to people focusing on proper form while pushing them to their limits.



When Ty isn’t busy training clients, she enjoys hiking, yoga, finding new healthy recipes to try, learning more about fitness and caring for the 100 plus plants in her home. Ty likes working out in her home gym, aka the "Jungle Gym" that is home to her plant collection, all of which she’s named after professional athletes.


After over 5 years of working in education, Ty left her teaching career to follow her true passion; fitness. Ty spends her free time learning as much as she can about health and fitness and is always working to improve her knowledge and skills.


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